Introductory video from the new Chairman, Raj Mehta

Lawley and Overdale Parish Council’s new Chairman, Raj Mehta, delivers an introductory video and a brief update of upcoming events.


I’ve been elected Chair of the Parish.  I just wanted to make sure I introduced myself.  My pledge this year is to carry on, working hard with my colleagues, parish councillors and staff to bring the Community Centre that is needed for yourselves and that was a want from the community, and that was something that we felt that you needed as well.

Going further from that we, we have two events coming up, which are free events for the community to attend for the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations.  The first is on the 4th June, which is in partnership with Lawley Partnership Board and this will be held at Farmstead.  So please come along, all of you, everyone in the community residents free to attend.  There will be bouncy castles, all kinds of activities for the children and adults to enjoy and make the celebrations for the Queen’s Jubilee.

The following event is the Lawley & Overdale Parish Council is holding on the 5th June at Overdale.  So please again, it’s a free event with loads of activity, loads of fun for everyone, children, adults and the elderly in our community. These events are put on from us for you the community, our residents who we are elected to serve.

I look forward to this year with my colleagues, councillors and the staff of Lawley & Overdale Parish Council to serve you this year and many years to come.  If we could be of any assistance or any help or there’s any questions, please get in touch with my staff at the Lawley & Overdale Parish council and if you do need to speak to me or come in to make an appointment to see me, I’ll be more than happy to listen to your concerns.

Thank you once again.

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