Improvements around the parish

Our Parish Environmental Team (PET), as part of the Community Action Team (CAT), has been out and about in Lawley and Dawley Bank this week, doing a bit of pruning and weeding! We’ve also got some good news about some recent fly-tipping incidents.

Our PET operative’s first stop was on top of the footbridge on West Centre Way. The neighbouring plants were intruding upon the footpath, so he grabbed some sheers and got pruning.

Next up was Dawley Bank. The car park bays in Princes End were the host of some uninvited guests of the green variety, which our PET operative promptly evicted.

Finally, some good news – in partnership with the CAT Enforcement Team, following on from the fly-tipping which occurred near Lawley Primary School on Arleston Lane, the landlord responsible for hiring rogue traders has paid the Fixed Penalty Notice for Duty of Care offences.

A photograph of a large fly-tip, including a mattress and multiple cardboard boxes

Our PET operative is always out and about working on problems like this in the parish. Please let us know if you find any spots that need work!

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