Community Action Team update

Our Community Action Team (CAT), which includes the Parish Environmental Team (PET) and our Neighbourhood Enforcement Officers (NEOs), has been busy around the parish this week.

To start the week, our NEOs went to the Milners Lane and Thomas Telford School, reporting litter and dog fouling, and issued a penalty charge notice (PCN).

Later in the week, the NEOs moved down into the Lawley area, issued a couple more PCNs, and found some more overflowing bins to report. They also stopped by the community garden, where they saw our new willow crown, commissioned to celebrate the coronation!

Finally, the NEOs went to Dawley Bank to report some incidences of graffiti and fly-tipping!

Meanwhile, our PET operative has been up at The Rock roundabout and West Centre Way, retrieving some footpaths from the grass verges.

Our Community Action Team is always patrolling around the parish, looking for improvements to be made. Get in touch with us if you know of a spot where they can help!

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