Community Action Team update

Our Community Action Team (CAT), which includes the Parish Environmental Team (PET) and our Neighbourhood Enforcement Officers (NEOs), has been busy around the parish this week, rescuing public rights of way from weeds, and tackling poor parking!

Making the most of the sunny weather, our PET operatives have been sweating it out by tidying up some of public rights of way in and around The Rock. 

Meanwhile, our NEOs have been out on patrol around the parish, checking out schools and green spaces for any signs of problems.

They have been educating some drivers in how to park more appropriately!

Finally, they made a pitstop at Newdale Pool and walked around Overdale for a while, checking for any signs of anti-social behaviour and inappropriate off-road bike use.

A photo of a field, with houses and trees in the background

Our Community Action Team is always patrolling around the parish, looking for improvements to be made and issues to resolve. Get in touch with us if you know of a spot where they can help!

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