VJ Day 2020

The VJ Day 75 logo, showing the number '75' on top of a stylised V shape.The 75th anniversary of VJ Day (Victory over Japan) will be recognised on 15 August 2020, commemorating both the surrender of Japan and the end of the Second World War.

To mark this occasion, members of the public are invited to remember and recognise all those who served and sacrificed in the Far East, and who ultimately brought an end to the Second World War. You can do this by holding a two-minute silence as an Act of Remembrance, at 11.00am on Saturday 15 August 2020, wherever you are at the time.

Remember, the War Memorial in Lawley is a wonderful place for you to reflect and commemorate all those who served.

The Royal British Legion will shine a spotlight on the untold stories of British and Commonwealth Tri-Service Forces, highlighting the forgotten history of those who fought in the conflict, and the atrocious and harrowing conditions in which they served and were held prisoner.

As Europe celebrated the surrender of German forces on VE Day, thousands of British, Commonwealth, and Allied Armed Forces personnel were still involved in bitter fighting in the Far East.

75 years on, we are remembering those who served, without whom victory – and the freedoms and way of life we enjoy today – would have not been possible.

You can find out more about the untold stories of those who served in the Far East on the Royal British Legion website.

There’s further information – and toolkits you can download, to decorate your home and more – on the VE VJ Day 75 website.

Both websites give information on what to do if you would like to get involved and also some veterans’ stories to watch.