Lawley Community Centre – refurbishment works

We  successfully bid for funding from the Pride in your Community initiative and after extended dialogue with TWC regarding the lease are close to agreement. The Parish having a new lease was one of the many conditions attached to this funding.

One of the first works to be done was to replace the windows as they are certainly past their best and we have now been informed by the Council that we will require planning permission to do this! This building belongs to TWC and they are asking us for planning fees and drawings at a cost of circa £1000 to upgrade/improve their asset – not a good use of taxpayers money! This will also delay any works whilst we wait for that permission. We have put in a request to the Council to reconsider the need for planning permission or for them to foot the bill – the plan was to replace the windows with UPVC frames, still arched and in keeping with the age of the building and for this we need planning permission but if we replace the windows with timber frames we do not require permission! It beggars belief doesn’t it! Watch this space for an update

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