Update on Park Road Development – New Application TWC/2015/0177

To remind you of the complaint we made in relation to the original application for this development that went to Planning Committee as a matter of urgency:

Planning application TWC/2014/0882 Land off Park Road/Royal Way

We are bitterly disappointed in the underhand way in which this application was bought to the attention of the Planning Committee on Wednesday 14th January as it was not on the agenda and NO notification of its inclusion was given to consultees/objectors that it would be considered.  We were all denied the opportunity to make personal representation at the meeting because of the unprofessional manner in which it was handled. Had it have been on the agenda we would have put in a request to speak as we have very strong views, as recorded previously, about it going ahead as it stood. It appears that none of the objections from ourselves, residents and indeed some TWC  department officers were fully taken into account despite some of the conditions attached to the permission.

We feel very let down by these actions and feel that the good working relationship that was being built with Planning Department has suffered a serious setback.

We would like to know:

  • Why it was deemed to be so urgent that it had to be heard on Wednesday and could not follow due process and appear on the next meeting agenda?
  • When was it decided and by whom that it had to go forward to that particular meeting?
  • Why were consultees/objectors not advised of the item going forward to Committee therefore denying them the opportunity to speak and denying the Planning Committee the opportunity  to hear comments from them?
  • If the application was not going to be heard until the next Committee meeting how come the Officers reports and recommendations were ready for submission? How much notice did they have to compile this information for Committee?

Quoted on planning portal: “Please note that the reportadditional information and officer recommendation is made available 5 working days before the planning committee meeting, as required by The Local Authorities (Access to Meetings and Documents) (Period of Notice) (England) Order 2002. “

We feel that the consultation process and LA order has been breached on this occasion as no reports/additional information or officer recommendations were available or advised so would like to see an appeal to this decision made collectively for  all concerned parties whereby their comments can be heard by the committee and due process followed.

We look forward to a considered response to this official complaint at your earliest convenience and dependent upon its content will consider what options may be available to us for a fair resolution to this matter for all concerned.

Response received: Response re complaint TWC 2014 0882

We did not accept the reasons given by TWC and have great reservations that due process was not followed and given the ‘nightmare’ ongoing with a new amended application coming forward casts even more shadow over the whole scenario.

The site has seen a lot of activity and we have reported this on several occasions to planning enforcement and initially were told that the works being carried or were permissible investigative works but when heavy machinery was bought to site it proved that works had begun despite pre commencement conditions not being met and this was reported again and this response received from TWC:

“I write regarding your concerns relating to development taking place at the above address in relation to planning permission TWC/2014/0882 and current application TWC/2015/0177, which both myself and Derek Causer have been dealing with.Firstly I can confirm that no works should have yet taken place on site due to the fact that a number of pre-commencement conditions have not been formally discharged in relation to planning permission TWC/2014/0882 meaning that any works associated with that permission would be unauthorised. Of course any development relating to TWC/2015/0177 would also be unauthorised as that has not yet been determined. Disappointingly despite initial requests from both myself and Derek for all works on site to cease, works did continue to the extent that two of the dwellings approved under TWC/2014/0882 had started to come out of the ground. As a result of this yesterday afternoon I contacted both the Wrekin Housing Trust and the contractor carrying out the works on site and advised them that unless works ceased immediately then formal action would be taken without further warning or delay. I am pleased to advise that it has now been confirmed to me that all construction works (i.e building of dwellings etc) have ceased with immediate effect, and the ground preparation/investigation works are finishing on Tuesday afternoon. All machinery will then be removed on Wednesday with the site being locked and secured. No further works or development will then take place on the site until such a time that either all pre-commencement conditions have been discharged on TWC/2014/0882 or planning application TWC/2015/0177 is approved.I have made it clear to the relevant parties that if either construction works continue on the site, or if any other works continue beyond Tuesday then a Stop Notice will be served immediately and without further warning.”

We have received notification today that the new application will be heard at Planning Committee on Wednesday 8th April – another quick decision to put this as an agenda item given the fact that all works have now been stopped – it raises further questions and we would take this to judicial review if we had the money to do so as it has been a suspicious shambles from the outset.

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