Street Names in Lawley – Phase 1B

Following the interest shown in the history behind the names used for the roads/streets of the development we will share with you what we know about them as we were involved in naming the phases except 1B when consultations were carried out with Dawley Hamlets Parish Council and Ward Members Cllr Tracy Hope and Cllr Clive Mollett in 2008.

Ralph’s Close – the area of land is built on or around Ralph’s Garage and is known by that name.

Wooley – The Wooley family who had a wholesalers in Dawley had a house on this site

St John’s – named after the church in Lawley

Stainburn – named after Iain Stainburn who was the architect of St John’s church in 1865

Smallhill – a field name very close to the site of 1B from the 1800 tithe map

Caxton, Eastcote & Ashwicke – these are names based on Great Western locomotives in the ‘hall’ class. The old maps show that a tramway ran along one of the site boundaries. This theme also ties in with the rail link to Lawley with the Telford Steam Railway.


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