Work was completed in the following areas:

  • Swept up broken glass on Cedar Close
  • Removed an abandoned Asda trolley from Princes End play area
  • Cut off overhanging branches onto Wrekin Way behind Newdale School
  • Cut off brambles and branches overhanging the footpath on Old Office Road
  • Cut back brambles on the Wrekin Trundle
  • cut back brambles and ferns overhanging the footpath at Grove Road alleyway
  • Cut back brambles over the footpath from Malborough Way to Overdale traffic lights
  • Cut off overhanging branches from the footpath from the bottom of Park Road to Cemetery Road and blew debris from the path
  • Picked up a fly tipped wooden pallet on Dawley Road
  • Reported a fallen tree on Arleston Lane
  • Blew debris from the paths after the tractor mow at Overdale MUGA, Lawley Village Green and Lawley playing fields
  • Strimmed the path edge from the bottom of steps at Old Park open space to the pond
  • Strimmed nettles overhanging the foot path to the junction at Malborough Way (school route)
  • Strimmed around Lawley pond
  • Strimmed around the entrance to Village Drive
  • Reported a bollard ripped out of the ground at the entrance to Lawley Common
  • Cut up and removed a large fallen tree branch in the Community Garden
  • Lifted low tree branches from over the footpath and grass verge at Rock Road junction with the Wrekin Way
  • Side and top pruned the long hedge at the Community Garden
  • removed broken overhanging tree branches at Hill Road Overdale
  • Lifted overhanging low branches from the footpath near the old tram bridge
  • Cut back overhanging brambles and low tree branches at Acer Close steps


The Parish Council will be supporting this event on Sunday 24 March.

There will be two teams, each led by a Parish Councillor, carrying out litter picks in Dawley Bank and Overdale from 11.00am.

If you wish to take part in this very worthwhile event please contact the Parish Office on 01952 507865 or email



Work was completed in the following areas:

  • Mud scraped from the road at the junction of Dawley Road and Church Hill
  • Broken glass removed from the road on Station Road
  • litter picked the Community Garden
  • Mowed and strimmed the path edges on Wrekin Trundle
  • Mowed the path edges on the Right of Way from Newdale to Rock Road
  • Mowed the path edges on the Rights of Way between Newdale and Churchward Drive
  • Pruned shrubs to improve the sight line at the traffic lights on Rock Road by the bridleway entrance
  • Pruned overhanging brambles from the hedgerow on Rock Road
  • Wildflower seeds sown in the 7 wildflower beds around the Parish
  • Strimmed the fence line from Peregrine Drive towards the Community Garden entrance and blew the path clear of debris
  • Strimmed the wall line along Lawley Drive
  • Strimmed the path edges and litter picked along the Newdale stretch of the Ironbridge Way
  • Strimmed around the rear entrance of Newdale School