Temporary crossing across Ironbridge Way

We have received a large number of queries about work being carried out on the proposed site for the Overdale football pitches, and the temporary crossing that has been installed across Ironbridge Way.  

In summary, the spoil from the building work on Phase 8 is being moved across to the proposed site for the football pitches to help correct the levels necessary to build the pitches

Spoil on pitchesIn order to do this very large HGVs are having to cross Ironbridge Way. Harris fencing has been erected to stop people straying onto the site and a workman is stationed at the crossing point at all times that work is being undertaken to ensure that people can continue along the path safely. When work stops the Harris fencing is moved back to stop access from the crossing point onto the sites.

temp crossing The path has been reinforced with a temporary concrete block as the main High Voltage cables for Lawley Village run under the length of Ironbridge Way and, given the weight of the HGVs, the builders did not want to risk causing any damage that would cut off electricity to 3,500 homes. The path will be restored when the work finishes.


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