PET Work completed week commencing 5th December

Work was completed in the following areas:Moss and mud scraped from the paving at the entrance to Tom Morgan Gardens

  • The bridge from Tom Morgan garden to Lawley Drive cleared and leaves blown
  • Footpath through the green apace at Old Park edged and leaves blown
  • The steps at Old Park Pool cleared and leaves blown
  • Wire repaired on the steps at Old Park Pool
  • Moss and mud cleared from the footpath at the entrance to Old Park
  • rubbish removed from Old Park Pool
  • The footpath cleared and edged off Oak Road in Overdale
  • Footpath by Lawley Primary School blown clear of leaves and blocked drain reported to TWC
  • Overhang cleared from the footpath on the bridge across the M54 at Mossey Green Way
  • Overhang cleared from in front of street signs on St Helierphoto0637photo0638
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