PET Work week commencing 28th November

Work was completed in the following areas:

  • Footbridges at West Centre Way and Lawley Gate gritted
  • Leaves blown from the Wrekin Trundle footpath
  • Broken fencing removed from Old Park Way
  • Leaves blown from the footpath by St John’s Church and around the bus stop
  • Alleyway off Rock Road scraped, leaves blown and laurel hedge cut back
  • Road and dog fouling signs cleaned in Lawley
  • Paths blown and rose bed pruned in Tom Morgan Garden
  • Leaves blown from Glendale Circle
  • Parish Council History Trail signs cleaned
  • Two paths at the rear of Churchward Drive cleared of overgrowth
  • Fly tip on the bridleway off Rock Road partially removed and larger items reported to TWC for removalphoto0601photo0602
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