Work was completed in the following areas:

  • debris cleared from wildflower beds in Overdale and Lawley and raked ready for planting
  • new plants planted in the Community Garden
  • removed all tree stakes from trees on Lawley Drive
  • broken knee rail removed from entrance to Marlborough Way
  • steps at Acer Close open space strimmed and blown clear of debris
  • the area around the knee rail strimmed on Lawley Village Green
  • pruned around the street sign at Princes End
  • pruned hedge back on Arleston footbridge
  • cleared broken glass from Rock Road at the junction with Colliers Way
  • mowed around the herb bed and path edge on the Community Garden
  • mowed and strimmed the bridleways at the top of Churchward Drive
  • mowed the bridleway at Rock Road
  • mowed and strimmed the path at the rear of Newdale School
  • mowed and strimmed the Wrekin Trundle path
  • removed a fly tipped mattress from Arleston Lane

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