Work was completed in the following areas:

  • bird boxes put up on Lawley Village Green, Old Park Roundabout and West Centre Way Roundabout
  • Cornus pruned from the roadside at Old Park Way
  • broken branches removed from West Centre Way
  • Churchward Drive and Teawell Close path pruned
  • Acer Close steps sprayed
  • Plants watered in the Community Garden
  • Pruned privet hedging on Pepper Mill and in front of Lawley Primary School
  • bark swept back into the shrub bed at Old Park pool
  • grass strimmed around the car park at Princes End and the kerb scraped clean
  • strimmed under the hedge along Rock Road to Marlborough Way
  • strimmed around the metal barriers at Arleston Lane motorway bridge
  • grass bank strimmed at Village Drive
  • Glendale Circle sprayed and weeded
  • bark swept back in to the shrub bed at Dawley Bank
  • strimmed around the bin at Cemetery Rod
  • litter picked, trimmed and sprayed the alleyway at Hill Fold

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