Work was completed in the following areas:

  • mowed along the footpath from the top of Charlecote Park to Teawell Close
  • Mowed, strimmed and blown the footpath on Wrekin undle
  • Pruned along Rock Road to the traffic lights
  • Pruned along the path at Cedar Close, Overdale
  • Pruned and weeded on the footbridge across West Centre Way towards St Heliers
  • Pruned around Arleson Lane footbridge
  • Removed a fly tip from Arleston Lane
  • Cleared mud and debris from the footpath outside St John’s church, Dawley Road
  • Cleared wind damaged branches from West Centre Way
  • Blown leaves and debris from the alleyway off Glendale
  • Pruned hedges on Dawley Road back off the footpath
  • strimmed around the kissing gate on Lawley Playing Field and litter picked the area
  • strimmed the bridleway from Rock Road to Cedar Close
  • strimmed the footpath edge at the rear of St Heliers

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