Work was completed in the following areas:

  • strimmed around the gate at Princes End
  • strimmed and sprayed the steps off the Inonbridge Way in Newdale
  • Pruned the hedge and strimmed around the gate at Old Park
  • Pruned and strimmed both sides of the boundary hedge line in the Community Garden
  • Sprayed weeds on the footpath at St Helier’s
  • Sprayed weeds on footpaths on The Rock
  • Sprayed weeds around the handrail on the bridleway off the Rock
  • Pruned cherry tree branches off the footpath on the Rock public open space
  • Sprayed weeds at the kerb edge on The Crest, Old Park
  • ongoing watering in the Community Garden
  • grass stimmed and raked at Tom Morgan Close


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