Work was completed in the following areas:

  • Roses in the Community Garden dead headed
  • Pruned brambles from the footpath and steps on Cedar Close
  • Pruned the fence line on Rock Road from the traffic lights to the school
  • Fly tipped garden waste removed from Dawley Road footpath
  • Hedges cut to improve the sight line at the junction of Rock Road and Blackbird Close
  • Cut back overhanging branches from West Centre Way island to St Heliers
  • Cut back brambles from the open space at Acer Close
  • Strimmed along the alleyway ay Overdale
  • Pruned along the bridleway off Rock Road
  • Pruned holly at the rear of Newdale School
  • Blown leaves and debris from Arleston Lne footpath
  • Pruned overhanging branches of the footpath on Arleston Lane
  • Strimmed the verge at the corner of Village Drive
  • Strimmed around the bus stop and bin on Dawley Road
  • Strimmed, raked and blown clear the steps at Cedar Close
  • Weeded around the railings at Teawell Close
  • Cut back brambles on the West Centre Way footbridge
  • Hard pruned overhanging branches

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