Work was completed in the following areas:

  • Pruned overhanging roses back from the Trundle footpath
  • Pruned overhanging branches back from the footpath by the Strannage
  • Debris blown from around the circle on Glendale and the hedge pruned to improve the sight line at the junction
  • Pruned along the footpath at Old Park towards the Green
  • Pruned along Old Park Way to remove branches from obstructing the footpath
  • Sprayed weeds at the rear of St Helier leading to West Centre Way footbridge
  • Sprayed weeds on block paving at St Saviour
  • Sprayed weeds in the alleyway at Hill Fold
  • Sprayed weeds around the shrub bed by Dawley Bank shop
  • Strimmed the grass bank by the Clock tower on Lawley Village Green
  • Strimmed around the bus stops on Station Road
  • Scraped the kerb edge clear of weeds at the crossing on Pepper Mill
  • Scraped the kerb edge clear of weeds at Dawley Bank car park
  • Scraped the kerb edges clear of weeds on Bellpit Road
  • Scraped the kerb edges clear of weeds at the bottom of Rock Road by Overdale
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