We have been advised that tree works in the centre reservation on Lawley Drive from the White Church to the main crossroads and the roundabout by the White Church are due to commence this coming Wednesday (16.08.17).

Within the section from the lights to the church roundabout there are a total of 9 Lime trees within the central reservation that are either dying or showing signs of stress and deterioration so will be removed and the trees replaced once the planting season allows.

There are also 9 self set multi-stemmed ‘Crack Willow’ trees that have established themselves on the church roundabout. These will be felled and the stumps of these trees treated to eliminate regrowth.

In a bid to minimise disruption to traffic works have been arranged to commence early on Wednesday and will be completed within the centre reservation before the early morning rush hour. The tree removal operations on the roundabout are expected to take place the following day.

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