Work was completed in the following areas:

  • Completed the painting of bollards on Lawley Village Green
  • Cut back overhanging roses from the footpath on West Centre Way behind Thomas Telford School
  • Cut self-set ash trees  out from around Old Park Pool
  • Removed broken glass from the footbridge at West Centre Way
  • litter picked the Community Garden
  • Pruned low branches blocking the sight line at Village Drive junction
  • Fallen tree removed from the side of the road at Arleston Lane
  • Cut back overhanging branches from the rear of Newdale School
  • Cut back overhanging branches from the path at Churchward Drive and litter picked
  • Pruned overhang from Mossey Green Way and around the traffic signs
  • Deadheaded roses in the Community Garden
  • Removed broken branches from the corner of Bartholomew Road and Pepper Mill
  • Blew debris from the footpath around Arleston Lane motorway bridge
  • Blew debris from the footpath between Grove Road and the motorway underpass

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