Work was completed in the following areas:

  • Mowed the grass area by the shrub bed at Dawley Bank
  • Broken branch removed  at Old Park pond and litter picked
  • Swept up broken glass on the splitter island at Old Park
  • Strimmed the grass at the verge on the corner of Village Drive
  • Strimmed and blew debris from the footpath from Arleston pub to the bridge
  • Strimmed nettles under hedgerow at the entrance to Bartholomew Road
  • Removed a slab from the road at West Centre Way island
  • Scraped weeds from the kerb edge at Cedar Close parking bays
  • Scraped weeds from the wall line from 31 Cedar Close
  • Scraped weeds from  the car parking bays at 42-44 Cedar Close
  • Removed fallen pine branches from the path at West Centre Way
  • Mowed the path on the bridleway at Rock Road
  • Mowed the  small grass area at Princes End car park
  • Mowed the grass paths from Churchward Drive to Teawell Close
  • Mowed the path on Wrekin Trundle
  • Mowed round the bus stops on Station Road
  • Blew pine needles off the footpath from the rear of Thomas Telford School to near the Severn Gorge pub
  • Blew debris from the footpath from the end of Park Road to Cemetery Road, through the woods
  • Blew leaf debris from the footpath at St Helier’s Drive to West Centre Way footbridge
  • Pruned large self-set saplings down to ground level in the Community Garden
  • Pruned and tidied the herb bed at the Community Garden

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