Work was completed in the following areas:

  • sent a full day lowering the top hedge in the Community Garden by 5ft and removing the debris
  • put up a bird box in the Community Garden
  • sprayed the hedge line and around the trees at the Community Garden
  • sprayed weeds at Glendale Circle
  • sprayed weeds along the wall line at Ercall View
  • mowed the path edges at the Wrekin Trundle
  • mowed around the herb garden, rose bed and path edges at the Community Garden
  • mowed the path on the bridleway at Rock Road
  • mowed around the gate at Bellpit Open Space
  • removed 2 split branches at Bellpit Open Space
  • blew leaves from the footpath and removed broken glass from West Centre Way footbridge at St Helier
  • blew leaves from the footpath and steps at Acer Close
  • blew leaves and removed a large amount of mud and debris from the bus stop and footpath on Rock Road
  • blew leaves from the footpath at Park Road and Cemetery Road
  • cleared leaves from the front of the cemetery at Dawley Bank
  • cleared leaves from the footpaths at Hill Fold
  • Blew the path clear of leaves and debris from the M54 bridge to Arleston Inn
  • blew the path clear of leaves from the rear of Thomas Telford School to the traffic lights
  • pruned overhanging ivy from the cemetery wall to Hill Fold alleyway

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