Work was completed in the following areas:

  • Blew leaves and debris from around the croassing at Rock Road traffic lights
  • Blew leaves from the Route To School footpath at the rear of Newdale School
  • Blew leaves from the footpath from the M54 bridge to the Arleston Inn
  • Blew leaves from the footpath on Rock Road from Marlborough Way to the Overdale crossing
  • pruned shrubs back from the log roll border on West Centre Way at St Helier
  • Pruned back cotoneaster on the open space at Old Park
  • Pruned shrub beds at Old Park open space
  • cut back overgrowth from the steps off Ironbridge Way
  • cut back shrubs around the pond on Lawley Village Green
  • painted a wooden bench in the Community Garden
  • strimmed and blew the grass paths from Churchward Drive to Teawell Close
  • strimmed around the pond at Lawley Village Green
  • litter picked around the kissing gate between Lawley Village Green and the Playing Field

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