Work was completed in the following areas:

  • Pruned overhang and blew debris from the Right of Way  off Gresham Drive
  • rebarked the beds at the Community Garden
  • Blew debris from the bridge at Lawley Gate
  • cleared debris from the path by the bus stop on Glendale
  • Cleared debris from the path from Bartholomew Road to the Village Green
  • removed an abandoned trolley from the Ironbridge Way at Newdale
  • Blew debris from the Right of Way off West Centre Way to Lawley Bank
  • Blew debris from the Right of Way off Rock Road by the Methodist Church
  • Blew debris from the bridleway off Rock Road
  • Blew debris from the alleyway off Grove Road and litter picked the alleyway leading to the motorway bridge
  • Scraped mud from the path at West Centre Way left by TWC vehicles parked on the verge
  • replaced bark and litter picked the shrub bed on the green space by Dawley Bank shop
  • edged the path on the Community Garden
  • swept up debris from the entrance to Bartholomew Road
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