Work was completed in the following areas:

  • Removed a fallen pine tree branch from the footpath at Arleston Lane
  • Removed fly tipped car parts from the path at Arleston Lane
  • litter picked in the Community Garden
  • Removed a broken wheelie bin from the grass area at Newdale
  • Repaired car ruts on the grass verge at Valley Drive, Overdale
  • Pruned Photinia at the corner of Glendale and Village Drive
  • Removed fly tipped fence posts and trellis at Lawley Village Green
  • Removed debris from the road at Milners Lane
  • Blew debris from the bridge on Mossey Green
  • Cut back brambles and blew debris from the path at Ladygrove
  • Swept up glass from the path on Dawley Road by the motorway bridge
  • Removed fallen branches left by workmen from the corner of Village Drive
  • hard pruned shrubs from the verge by the Linden Centre, Overdale
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