Work was completed in the following areas:

  • Mud scraped from the road at the junction of Dawley Road and Church Hill
  • Broken glass removed from the road on Station Road
  • litter picked the Community Garden
  • Mowed and strimmed the path edges on Wrekin Trundle
  • Mowed the path edges on the Right of Way from Newdale to Rock Road
  • Mowed the path edges on the Rights of Way between Newdale and Churchward Drive
  • Pruned shrubs to improve the sight line at the traffic lights on Rock Road by the bridleway entrance
  • Pruned overhanging brambles from the hedgerow on Rock Road
  • Wildflower seeds sown in the 7 wildflower beds around the Parish
  • Strimmed the fence line from Peregrine Drive towards the Community Garden entrance and blew the path clear of debris
  • Strimmed the wall line along Lawley Drive
  • Strimmed the path edges and litter picked along the Newdale stretch of the Ironbridge Way
  • Strimmed around the rear entrance of Newdale School


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