Overflowing bins in Lawley Square

We have seen a number of complaints and been contacted about the state of the overflowing bins in Lawley Square and  agree that the situation  is appalling and we are constantly complaining about it to the management company responsible.

We have advised TWC that the bins on the Greggs side of the road, including the one at the top of the square plus the two grey bins are the responsibility of JLL Facilities management for emptying.

The responsibility for these bins is JLL  (Jones Lang Lasalle) not TWC, BVT , Developers or the Parish Council and we encourage any complaints to be made directly to Rachel Peterson or Lisa Bradbury at JLL on 0121 643  6440 or email Rachel.Peterson@eu.jll.com or Lisa.Bradbury@eu.jll.com

We have also reported the overflowing bins to Environmental Health at TWC. They can also be contacted via email envmaintcs@telford.gov.uk

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