Work was completed in the following areas:

  • pruned overhanging holly at the rear of Newdale School
  • removed fallen branches from the grass verge at St Helier
  • pruned the path edge and removed overhanging branches from the path at Park Road
  • removed fly tipped garden waste from outside the Linden Centre, Overdale
  • swept up broken glass from the pavement on Rock Road motorway bridge
  • swept debris from the decking at Old Park pond and removed mud from the footpath
  • removed debris after vandals set fire to the bench at Old Park pond
  • removed a fly tip of household waste from Colliers Way
  • removed overhanging branches from the footpath at Glendale opposite the village green
  • swept grass from the footpath following the TWC tractor mow on Bellpit Open Space, Lawley Village Green and Overdale playing field
  • weeded  the path edge at Glendale bus stop
  • scraped mud from the footpath and swept at Princes End car park
  • swept bark and mud from the path at Old Park pond
  • edged around the bus stop on Station Road
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