Work was completed in the following areas:

  • cleared up concrete left by workmen following the removal of signposts on the grass verge
  • removed a fly tip of household waste from the bottom of Rock Road by the motorway bridge
  • swept up glass from the fly tip incident above
  • removed a household waste fly tip from the verge on Bellpit Road
  • litter picked Lawley Community Garden
  • weeded around the railings on the footpath off Teawell Close
  • swept the footpath and weeded around the pedestrian crossing on West Centre Way behind Morrisons
  • weeded the shrub beds on Old Park Open Space
  • mowed the grass verges on the Wrekin Trundle
  • mowed around the entrance to the bridleway off Wes Centre Way
  • removed a small commercial fly tip on Colliers Way
  • weeded the flower beds and herb garden in the Community Garden
  • cut back overhang and removed a broken branch from the Community Garden
  • assisted IDVERDE with a tidy up at the caravan site off Dawley Road
  • strimmed around the railings on the West Centre Way footbridge
  • strimmed around the verge to improve the sight line for traffic on Rock Road at the former dog grooming site
  • strimmed down the wildflower beds on Lawley Drive
  • strimmed around the pond on Lawley Village Green
  • strimmed around the entrance to Overdale and Blackbird Close off Rock Road
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