Work was completed in the following areas:

  • Swept up broken glass on Cedar Close
  • Removed an abandoned Asda trolley from Princes End play area
  • Cut off overhanging branches onto Wrekin Way behind Newdale School
  • Cut off brambles and branches overhanging the footpath on Old Office Road
  • Cut back brambles on the Wrekin Trundle
  • cut back brambles and ferns overhanging the footpath at Grove Road alleyway
  • Cut back brambles over the footpath from Malborough Way to Overdale traffic lights
  • Cut off overhanging branches from the footpath from the bottom of Park Road to Cemetery Road and blew debris from the path
  • Picked up a fly tipped wooden pallet on Dawley Road
  • Reported a fallen tree on Arleston Lane
  • Blew debris from the paths after the tractor mow at Overdale MUGA, Lawley Village Green and Lawley playing fields
  • Strimmed the path edge from the bottom of steps at Old Park open space to the pond
  • Strimmed nettles overhanging the foot path to the junction at Malborough Way (school route)
  • Strimmed around Lawley pond
  • Strimmed around the entrance to Village Drive
  • Reported a bollard ripped out of the ground at the entrance to Lawley Common
  • Cut up and removed a large fallen tree branch in the Community Garden
  • Lifted low tree branches from over the footpath and grass verge at Rock Road junction with the Wrekin Way
  • Side and top pruned the long hedge at the Community Garden
  • removed broken overhanging tree branches at Hill Road Overdale
  • Lifted overhanging low branches from the footpath near the old tram bridge
  • Cut back overhanging brambles and low tree branches at Acer Close steps
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