Work was completed in the following areas:

  • Cut back brambles from the footpath at Glendale Gardens
  • Blew grass from the Glendale footpath following the tractor mow on Lawley Village Green
  • Removed signs left up on Lawley Village Green after the Summer Fest event
  • Cut back overhang from the grass verge on Lawley Drive at Lawley Gate
  • Cut back brambles off West Centre Way footpath
  • Cut back brambles from around the entrance to Rock Road bridleway
  • Tidied around the shrub beds at Old Park pond
  • Removed fly tipped garden waste from Wakeley Drive
  • Swept up glass from the junction of Milners Lane and Cemetery Road
  • Pruned back overhang from the footpath leading to the footbridge on West Centre Way
  • Pruned back overhang from the wall line by the cemetery to Hill Fold
  • Removed 2 abandoned shopping trolleys from the trees adjacent to the footpath at the rear of Old Park pond
  • Pruned around the shrub beds on Old Park Open Space
  • Cut back brambles from Wrekin Trundle
  • Removed a fly tip of household waste from the grass verge at Cedar Close
  • Sprayed weeds and blew debris from the wall line at the front of St Johns Church Lawley

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