Work was completed in the following areas:

  • Pruned back around West Centre Way footbridge to St Heliers
  • Weeded and blew debris from the footpath on Dawley Road motorway bridge
  • Scraped weeds and moss from the kerb edge on Arleston Lane near the M54 bridge,
  • Pruned back overhang from the footpath on West Centre Way
  • Cleaned up broken glass off Rock Road near the entrance to Overdale
  •  Pruned back overgrowth to improve the sight line coming out of the junction at Blackbird Close, Overdale
  • Removed a small fly tip – pushchair and child’s ride on toy – from Overdale playing fields
  • Removed a fly tip from the drainage pools on the proposed  football pitches site at Overdale
  • Sprayed weeds at Old Park shrub bed around the pond
  • Strimmed around the pond at Lawley Village Green
  • Blew debris from the footpath around Glendale bus stop
  • Strimmed the sight line and fence line, and blew debris from the footpath at the entrance to the Public Right of Way near Rock Road traffic lights
  • Strimmed back brambles and nettles and blew debris from the path on the school route around Marlborough Way junction
  • Strimmed brambles back off the path edge and blew debris from the footpath by the traffic lights on West Centre Way
  • Strimmed the grass area at the rear of the garages on Cemetery Road
  • Strimmed around the entrance gate and stile on the footpath to to Charlecote Park from the Ironbridge Way
  • Checked the Lawley Fun Run route and removed litter and brambles
  •  Cut down two dead trees, weeded tree bases and tidied up for the Lawley Fun Run start and finish on the hardstanding area near the new War Memorial
  • Cut back brambles in Grove Road alleyway to the Rock Road underpass
  • Removed a fly tip from Princes End play area – large branches and a corrugated metal sheet

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