Anti-social behaviour questionnaire – Dawley Bank

Though we’ve had to postpone our police drop-in surgeries due to the pandemic, we’re still seeking people’s views on anti-social behaviour (ASB) in their areas.

This time we’re seeking the views of Dawley Bank residents. If you’re from the part of Dawley Bank that falls within the boundaries of Lawley and Overdale, we’d like to hear your thoughts on ASB issues and police responsiveness.

The best way to get your views over to us is by filling-in our ASB survey below.

We have separate surveys for different areas of the parish. The Lawley ASB survey is now closed. The ASB survey for Overdale, Newdale, Old Park, and The Rock is still open to submissions.

1. Where do you live?

2. Is local anti-social behaviour (ASB) a problem for you and your family?

3. What types of ASB have you witnessed?

Tick all that apply

4. How easy do you think it is to report ASB?

5. Do you think the process of reporting ASB could be improved?

If you answered yes to question 5, please explain how

6. How well do you think the Police respond to reports of ASB?

7. Do you think changing parts of the area, such as removing some of the equipment or structures, could reduce any ASB?

If you answered yes to question 7, please explain how

8. Further comments?

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