Pond weed on Lawley Village pond

Over recent weeks, residents have been clearing blanket weed from the Lawley Village pond instead of reporting it to be dealt with.

While we understand and appreciate your efforts and concerns, keeping the balance of the pond is essential and works should only be undertaken by those responsible – Telford & Wrekin Council’s contractors.

The pond was scheduled for a maintenance check and, having been visited today, it has been noted that at some point in the last week, further weed had been removed and left at the side for collection.

It was not blanket weed that had been removed, but oxygenating weed. This oxygenating weed is essential to the fish and habitat as it provides much-needed oxygen to the water, especially during this heat wave when fish and other pond life can suffer.

We would like to ask that residents please do not take it upon themselves to remove any more weeds, especially oxygenating weed, from the pond.

You can report any issues or concerns via MyTelford. Alternatively, you can email your issues or concerns to Lawley and Overdale Parish Council.

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