PET work around the parish

Our Parish Environmental Team (PET) has been out and about in Old Park and Newdale this week with shears and strimmer in tow, putting overgrown plants back in their places!

Over by the Old Park pond, the bushes were beginning to take over the decking, making it difficult to walk along. Our PET operative went out and recovered the decking, and now it should be easier for walkers to get around.

Meanwhile, at the Marlborough Way junction, on the route to Newdale Primary School, brambles and nettles had invaded the footpath, presenting a very prickly situation for pedestrians. Our PET operative made short work of them though, just in time for the schools to go back.

Our PET operative is always out and about working on problems like this in the parish. Please let us know if you find any spots that need work!

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