Neighbourhood Watch seeks views in the Crime and Community Survey

Neighbourhood Watch is seeking your thoughts about crime, community, and how effective Neighbourhood Watch is, in its latest Crime and Community Survey 2021.

Neighbourhood Watch is a crime prevention voluntary movement operating in the UK. Its goal is to create neighbourhoods which can work together to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

Anybody can join the Neighbourhood Watch.

You can find out where your local Neighbourhood Watch scheme is on their website. There are at least three operating in our parish – two in Lawley, and one in Old Park. You can apply to create a new Neighbourhood Watch scheme if there isn’t one in your area. Neighbourhood Watch will provide you with resources and support to do so.

The Crime and Community Survey 2021, which launched last week, is the second of its kind. Last year they received over 30,000 responses to the survey, and this year they hope to compare the data with last year’s results.

The results will enable them to “better understand on a national and regional level crime, fear of crime and benchmark whether membership to a Neighbourhood Watch scheme, or living in a Neighbourhood Watch area, has an impact on levels of crime, concern about crime, neighbourliness, and the willingness of communities to work together”, says their promotional email.

When the survey is completed, Neighbourhood Watch hopes to publish both a national report, and individual reports for local areas.

The survey is open to all residents of England and Wales. You do not have to live in a Neighbourhood Watch area in order to participate.

The closing date is 16 November 2021.

You can complete the Neighbourhood Watch Crime and Community Survey 2021 online.

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