June 2022 video update from the Chair

Lawley and Overdale Parish Council’s Chairman, Councillor Raj Mehta, is back to deliver a video update for June 2022.


Hi, my name is Councillor Raj Mehta, Chair of Lawley & Overdale Parish Council.  I just wanted to say thank you to all who have attended and supported us in the Parish. 

Going forward, we was planning the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee event in Overdale, but due to the weather conditions it had to be postponed.  We are looking forward to bringing the event back to the Parish and for you to come and enjoy the Queen’s Jubilee Platinum celebrations.  And this will be announced on our social media platform, so do watch this space and do look out for the date and do come with your friends and family to have fun. 

Moving forward, we have another event on the 27th June at 6pm – 9pm at Lawley Community Centre.  This is a prostate specific antigen PSA event for men to come and have a blood test.  Ok, that’s how the test will be performed by having a blood test.  Ok, nothing to worry about.  I myself will be going to have a test aswell, so I am reassuring you all for all men to come forward and come and have the test.   

We have got the Summer Fest coming up in partnership with BVT.  This will be taking place on 2nd July on Lawley Village Green, do come along and have fun.  We are going to have various events.  We have got live music, we will have entertainment on stage, food, stalls, drinks, community stalls, as well as games for the whole family, including vintage fairground games, inflatables and face painting.  Again, I’ll encourage you to come and enjoy, get the children down, get your friends, family far and beyond to come and enjoy Lawley and Overdale’s Parish’s space, because we all know how to have fun in our Parish and you all are welcome.   

Again, it’s come back again like it does every year, the Lawley 5K Fun Run.  Okay, our annual Parish fun run that we do in partnership with the Lawley Running Club and BVT Bournville Trust is back on the 10th September.  You can start booking it now.  So do get on to the social media, do get on to the link and do book in, let’s come and have fun. 

Again, if you ever need us, our staff at the Parish Council are there to serve you.  We, as Councillors, myself and my colleagues are there to serve you.  We have been elected to serve you and that’s what we would like to do.  If you need us, please get in touch.  I’m happy for anyone to get in touch with me as the Chair.  If you need a one to one, we can speak to you, otherwise, our wonderful staff at the office are there to speak to you and look after you.  

Do enjoy your summer break and I look forward to making our video again next month. 

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