BBC Radio Shropshire’s Make A Difference awards

BBC Radio Shropshire is accepting nominations for its second annual Make a Difference awards, which awards people who have gone “above and beyond” to improve other people’s lives.

“At BBC Radio Shropshire we love to celebrate positive stories and the wonderful things that people do to make their community a better place to live,” said a BBC Radio Shropshire representative.

“Following the success of the BBC Radio Shropshire Make A Difference Awards 2022, we’ve decided to do it all over again.”

Nominations are open for the following categories:

  • Volunteer
  • Carer
  • Great Neighbour
  • Fundraiser,
  • Community Group
  • Bravery Award
  • Green Award
  • The Together Award

You can nominate a person or group of people using the form on the BBC website.

Nominations will close on Sunday 5 March 2023.

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