Improvements around the parish

Our Parish Environmental Team (PET), as part of the Community Action Team (CAT), has been out and about in Dawley Bank and Lawley this week, chopping hedges, pruning bushes, and uncovering buried footpaths.

First up was St Helliers, where a bush had grown a little too big for its roots. Our PET operative bravely charged in cut it back down to size.

Next it was back to school! Or at least, a footpath near Lawley Primary School, which was being buried by the adjacent bank. Our PET operative soon taught it a lesson, and now it’s clear.

Astute residents may have noticed we’ve had a bit of snow towards the end of this week. That didn’t stop our PET operative though – the overgrown hedge that was reaching out across the footpath on Dawley Road has been chopped back, restoring pedestrian access.

Our PET operative is always out and about working on problems like this in the parish. Please let us know if you find any spots that need work!

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