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The Parish Council Response to Planning Application TWC/2018/0346 – Lawley Phase 11 Engineering Works

The Parish Council object to the engineering proposals and have issued a Call In Notice to ensure the application is formally discussed at Telford and Wrekin Council’s Planning Committee.

The Parish is particularly concerned about:

Drainage – It is clear from the objection received from the TWC Technical Officer that the information supplied is not thorough enough for the application to be considered at this stage. This site has obvious drainage issues and both Ward and Parish Councillors have been supporting residents over the last 2 years who have experienced regular flooding on their properties. Without the proper assessments required by the LLFA it is not clear if this work will improve the situation or indeed make the flooding problems worse. Residents have also provided anecdotal evidence that drainage from land and properties on the South side of the site, including Ladygrove School and the BT training centre, runs onto Lawley Common. Highway drainage is also thought to have been diverted onto the site in recent years.

The groundwater monitoring carried out in 2012 was clearly unsatisfactory as the applicants own report states that “only 3 of the 9 standpipes installed could be located due to the overgrown nature of the site and vandalism.”

We fully support the TWC Technical Officers objection and his requirement for additional information.

 Mining – It is clear from the objection by the Coal Authority, and information supplied by local residents who lived in the area at the time mining was being carried out, that the evidence supplied to support the application is not sufficient. As the Coal Authority state in their objection the information supporting the application is outdated and “a proper assessment of the coal mining legacy” should be carried out before the application is approved.

Public Rights of Way – The Application form states that the proposals do not require any diversions of rights of way yet the Planning statement clearly states (5.3) that Rights of Way will be temporarily affected by the reconfiguration of the land. In fact 5 Public Rights of Way (PROW) cross the site – LO41, LO43, LO44, LO45 and LO46, with LO41 being a significant and heavily used section of the historic Ironbridge Way. This also forms a main part of the Parish Council’s Heritage Lottery funded History Trail.

The Ironbridge Way is heavily used on a daily basis by residents to access the shops at Lawley Square, the Doctor and Dental surgeries off Martingale Way and the Lawley Primary Academy School, which has a pedestrian access off the footpath. It is also marked as part of the TWC designated cycle way and forms part of the T50 Trail recently launched as part of the TWC 50th anniversary celebrations. The other PROWs are popular with families, dog walkers and horse riders as the Common is one of the few unspoilt green areas left in Lawley.

Railway – The Planning Statement refers to the “disused railway tunnel” on the site. In fact the tunnel is not only used, it forms a fundamental part of the popular Telford Steam Railway Lawley Station site. Further information can be found in the comments from the Chair of the Telford Steam Railway on the TWC Planning Portal. We would suggest that the applicants liaise with the Steam Railway prior to work beginning as it will have a major impact on this popular tourist attraction.

Ecology – We have some concerns about the accuracy of ecological information provided with the application. Residents report significant wildlife activity on the site with both anecdotal and residential CCTV evidence of bats, birds, foxes and deer, particularly around the copse area. We would suggest that a more up to date survey be required before work is carried out on the site.

Site Access and Operating Hours – The Planning Statement (4.2) states that the spoil will be brought onto the site through Phase 7. Whilst it is not ideal that this amount of waste is being transported from sites around Telford to Lawley Drive the Parish believes that this will cause the least disruption to the majority of local residents. However, the Planning Statement goes on to state (5.2) that as part of the works “the trees around Lawley Circle will be removed.” This suggests that the applicants may be considering another site access via Martingale Way which is totally unacceptable. We ask that the applicants be asked to clarify why the trees have to be removed as part of this application.

Given the traffic congestion in the Lawley Drive/West Centre Way area at peak times, and the very large amounts of spoil being transported, we suggest that the lorries transporting soil be restricted from using the site at such busy times and that the operating hours for movement of spoil should be amended to 9am to 4pm.

Given the significant concerns raised by Parish and Ward Members, TWC Technical Officers and the Coal Authority over this application, in addition to the scores of residents who have lodged objections online and in writing to the Planning Authority we believe that it is only right that this application is addressed in detail by Telford and Wrekin Council’s Planning Committee, giving residents and Councillors the opportunity to publicly state their concerns.

Parish Council Response to Planning Application TWC/2018/0185 – Land corner of Colliers Way & Rock Road

The Parish Council is concerned that the application for Hickorys Smokehouse will have a significant impact on traffic on Rock Road and the junction with Colliers Way.

Whilst the revised plans address some of the initial concerns on design and opening hours the car park has been enlarged and can now hold 90 vehicles, which the applicants own transport assessment states will generate 65 vehicle movements per hour onto Rock Road at their peak times – lunchtime and afternoon / evening.

This is the third significant development proposal to be submitted in recent weeks which will impact on Rock Road, the others being Johnsons Recycling Centre ( which will generate a minimum of 50 HGV movements per day) and Lawley Development Phases 5 & 9 (the proposed link road from Phase 5 to Marlborough Way will allow the 362 new houses to exit  down Marlborough Way, past Newdale School and join Rock Road virtually opposite the entrance to Overdale).

Telford & Wrekin Council have a duty under their own Local Plan “to ensure the cumulative impact of development on local road networks are mitigated (Policy C3)” The Parish Council do not believe that the Planning and Highways Departments have sufficiently considered the cumulative impact on the local road network when responding to this, and the other 2 applications, and have formally requested that this application be submitted to TWC  Planning Committee . 



Ironbridge Way

Please see the attached letter that has been sent to immediate residents of the Ironbridge Way path which will see temporary works enabling access for soil works on phase 11 and for the lowering of the gas main that runs along the path. The path will not be closed but to enable safe use by pedestrians over the next 3 – 4 weeks there will be a ‘banksman’ on site to mange foot traffic and any lorry movements during the day.

Ironbridge Way- Phase 11


The reserved matters application to build 362 houses on the land known as Phases 5 & 9 (between West Centre Way, Davenham Walk and the rear of Newdale Primary School) has been submitted by the Developers to Telford and Wrekin Council this week.

The application covers their proposals for access, appearance, landscaping and the development layout.

Full details can be found on the Telford and Wrekin website or by putting the reference TWC/2018/0601 into the link on our Planning Homepage.

The closing date for comments is the 13th August.


We have been notified of the following planning applications in the Parish:

TWC/2018/0522  9 The Meadows, Lawley Village, Telford,  Erection of a single storey front and side extension, single storey side and rear extension, pitched roof over existing flat roof and erection of a front porch

TWC/2018/0532  Odeon Cinemas, Woodhouse Central, Telford Town Centre,  Display of 4no. static internally illuminated fascia signs and 10no. non-illuminated poster cases

TWC/2018/0554  Odeon Cinemas, Woodhouse Central, Telford Town Centre   Increase in height of existing tower

TWC/2018/0545  Unit 1, Rampart Way, Telford Town Centre,  Installation and display of 4no. internally illuminated fascia signs and 2no. window vinyls

TWC/2018/0482  Chapel Workshops, Woodcarver Chapel, Park Lane, Old Park  Change of use from workshop to beauty salon.

TWC/2018/0587  34 Milners Lane, Dawley Bank  Erection of a single storey front extension

TWC/2018/0594  Brodie House, Grange Central, Telford Town Centre  New shop fronts, entrance doors, cladding work and alterations for use as a gym

TWC/2018/0601  Lawley Phases 5 & 9  Erection of 362 dwellings with access, landscaping and layout.

Further details can be found by entering the full reference number into the link to Telford & Wrekin Council’s Planning website on our main Planning page.