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Winter 2020 Newsletter

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Parish support

Community garden

Lawley and Overdale Parish Council took ownership of the community garden in 2017, on land leased from Telford & Wrekin Council. The community garden has been transformed over this period by the Parish Environmental Team, who have restocked flower beds, created a community herb garden, built raised beds, and put up bird and insect boxes. A few local community groups, such as the Stay Project, Rainbows, Lawley Cubs and Lawley Childminders are currently using some of the raised beds to grow their own food, vegetables, and fruits.

With lockdown restrictions gradually easing, the community garden is certainly a good place to visit for everyone’s wellbeing. Whether it is just to have a walk through and see the lovely plants and flowers, or to spend time relaxing, have a picnic, and enjoy listening to the wildlife, it is a worthwhile part of our Parish. It received Green Guarantee status in 2019 and some funding has been set side to enable further enhancements to be taken forward in the near future.

Grant funding

A total of £2,750 was awarded by the Parish Council during 2020 to the following organisations:

  • Telford Crisis Support
  • Project Linus UK
  • The Armed Forces Veterans’ Breakfast Club
  • Telford Visually Impaired Group
  • STAY
  • 1st Dawley Girls Brigade
  • Telford Concert Band
  • Lawley Running Club
  • Hope House Children Hospice
  • 2379 (Dawley) Squadron

Grants will be reviewed at the first available Full Council meeting following receipt of application form. Grant forms are available on our website.

Laptops for Learning

Many families found it very hard to support their child’s learning and education during lockdown, particularly when trying to use online learning programmes.

Although the Department of Education provided funding to local authorities, some children in the parish were unable to obtain the required devices or internet access.

In response to this, ward councillors contributed part of their funding, which the Parish Council agreed to match-fund. A combined total of £4,916.66 was granted towards Telford & Wrekin Council’s Laptop for Learning Scheme, enabling laptops to be purchased and provided to two schools within our parish.

Breakfast Provision

Lawley & Overdale Parish Council was pleased to donate £500 to All Nations Church to assist them with the breakfast provision initiative following the closure of schools due to the pandemic.

During the first week some 40 parcels were distributed and by the second week of operation the demand had doubled. The extra support meant that more families were able to receive the much needed parcels.

Kindle Kindness

In response to Telford & Wrekin Council’s request for support for its Kindle Kindness campaign, the Parish Council agreed to donate £1,000 towards the purchase of the devices.

The initiative aimed to provide those residents who live in care homes across the borough, along with patients at the Shropshire Women and Children’s Centre at the Princess Royal Hospital, a way to feel less isolated during lockdown.

The devices meant that they could keep in touch with their families, access the internet, download books and play games and puzzles.

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