October 2021 update from the Chair

Lawley and Overdale Parish Council’s Chairman, Councillor John Yorke, is back to deliver a video update for October 2021.


Hello again and welcome to my October update.

First, the big news.

Traffic enforcement cameras coming to Lawley.  Months, no years of meetings with the Borough and Police appear to have paid dividends.  We are advised of funding becoming available from the Borough for the provision of one fixed camera.

Additionally, the Board of the Lawley and Lightmoor Partnership Fund, set up in 2019 by the Borough with a share of its £500,000 kitty, is match funding the provision of another camera.  Residents can view the proposals, comment upon and the like at the event being held at the Lawley Academy on 16th October between 2 and 5pm.

Dawley Bank and the access behind the Bungalows – all nicely surfaced now after intervention abouts its state by the Ward Parish Councillor – a great improvement.

Carpenter Centre in Overdale – a location the Parish are looking to get increased resident usage of through talks with the Borough.  Our Parish council meeting for October is here on 14th at 6pm.

Old Park – the pond area, the jewel in the crown, the beautiful amenity area where we hope to improve the benches and add further to another area.

Fun Run – what a successful day, and a big thank you to everyone involved. The Parish are match funding the days profit, final figure and presentation date to the 2 charities benefiting from it awaited.

Our often commented upon War Memorial – the extension of the pedestrian area and introduction of additional planting is amazing.  This years Remembrance Day service will fully utilise and be enhanced by the work.

St Saviours – we are awaiting news on our request for costs of a simple path to be installed to cater for pedestrians shown here across the area.  This is in addition to the benches and planting already placed in the area.

Public Right of Ways – part of our heritage and one of this years Parish development plan to ensure they are retained, not abused.  Our investigations to date show the omission from the new draft definitive plan of at least 24-rest assured these will not be lost and the Borough Council carry out their statutory duty for their protection.

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