No trick or treat this Halloween?

Residents hoping to avoid ‘trick or treaters’ this Halloween have been offered some help by the local police, in the form of a poster to display on their windows.

A Jack-o'-Lantern wearing a face mask.The ‘sorry, no trick or treat here’ poster, featuring a Jack-o’-Lantern wearing a face mask, has been made available to download by the police. Residents can print the poster out and display it in their windows, hopefully deterring would-be tricksters.

“Please remember, Halloween can be a scary time for some members of our community,” said a police spokesman. “If you see this poster, please be considerate and avoid the address.

“Please also consider that residents may be having to isolate, or may be trying to limit contact with others.

“If older children are going out with friends, without parental supervision, please ask them to be considerate. Halloween is a time for fun, but not at the expense of others.”

EDIT: The local police have also offered an ‘ink-friendly’ version of the poster. You can download both versions below.


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