Improvements around Dawley Bank

Our Parish Environmental Team (PET), as part of the Community Action Team (CAT), has been out and about righting wrongs and brightening up the place, this time in Dawley Bank.

As last week, the theme this week has been tidying up after Mother Nature!

Our PET operative’s first stop was a footpath in a residential area, overgrown with moss and covered in leaves. The unsightly and hazardous mess was scraped clean in short order.

His work done, the PET operative moved on to the car park near Dawley Bank shop, where an accumulation of tree-debris had begun to cover the place. Not for long, though!

While he was in the area, the PET operative also took care of an unsightly curb with a spot of weeding.

Our PET operative is always out and about working on problems like this in the parish. Please let us know if you find any spots that need work!

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