Christmas 2021 holidays bin collection day changes

Christmas may be a magical time of year but it’s also a busy one, and it’s all too easy to forget about bin day. Well, forget no more!

Over the holiday season some of the usual waste collection dates across Telford & Wrekin will be changing. Take a look at our handy timetable below to see which waste collection dates will be changing over the festive period!

If your normal bin day is:…then your new bin day will be:
Monday 20 December 2021Saturday 18 December 2021 (earlier)
Tuesday 21 December 2021Monday 20 December 2021 (earlier)
Wednesday 22 December 2021Tuesday 21 December 2021 (earlier)
Thursday 23 December 2021Wednesday 22 December 2021 (earlier)
Friday 24 December 2021Thursday 23 December 2021 (earlier)
Monday 27 December 2021Friday 24 December 2021 (earlier)
Tuesday 28 December 2021Tuesday 28 December 2021 (no change)
Wednesday 29 December 2021Wednesday 29 December 2021 (no change)
Thursday 30 December 2021Thursday 30 December 2021 (no change)
Friday 31 December 2021Friday 31 December 2021 (no change)
Monday 3 January 2022Tuesday 4 January 2022 (later)
Tuesday 4 January 2022Wednesday 5 January 2022 (later)
Wednesday 5 January 2022Thursday 6 January 2022 (later)
Thursday 6 January 2022Friday 7 January 2022 (later)
Friday 7 January 2022Saturday 8 January (later)

Household Recycling Centres will be open daily from 9am to 5pm, except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day.

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