Best Garden Competition 2022

In August this year we held our third annual Best Garden Competition, and we received some fantastic entries from all around the parish.

This year we had three categories:

  • Best Garden – We combined the front and back garden categories from previous years.
  • Most Creative Use of Space – For people who’ve done a lot with a little.
  • Best Young Gardener – For our younger gardeners in the parish!

This year the winners received £50 garden centre gift vouchers, and the runners-up received £25 garden centre gift cards.

This year’s winners

Congratulations to this year’s winners and runners-up!

In each category they were:

Best Garden

The winners were: Mike & Helen Povall

A couple stand on a gravel patch surrounded by bushes, holding up a certificate
Mike & Helen Povall

The runner-up was:

A photograph of a certificate being held which reads, "Best Garden Competition 2022 Runner Up"
Sandra Kirkland

Most Creative Use of Space

The winner was:

A woman stands in front of a shed and some bushes, holding up a certificate and a gift card
Michelle Beale

The runner-up was:

A certificate being held up which reads "Most Creative Use of Space Competition 2022 Runner Up"
Kevin Palmer

Best Young Gardener

The winner was:

A young boy holds up a "Best Young Gardener Competition 2022" certificate
Arthur Lewis

Congratulations, and enjoy the vouchers! And a big thank you to everybody who entered this year.

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